kaizen you way to brain health: healthy habit formation


Previously I talked about taking baby steps to your goals of better brain health by the first two examples I have briefly discussed; exercise and/or enriched environment.

I came across a recent piece in the NY times that discusses using small steps to form new habits (assuming good habits for this argument). In the article they talk about a particular Japanese technique called kaizen, ‘which call for tiny, continuous improvements.” This sound like appropriate baby steps to me. Check it out, hopefully it helps.

So try a tiny baby step to a new health habit today to improve your brain health.

I managed a nice run last night as a near full moon rose after a long day of soaking up new environments, the best I could, as they passed by at 60 mph outside the van window.

1 comment for “kaizen you way to brain health: healthy habit formation

  1. JB
    May 22, 2008 at 7:29 pm

    makes sense. modern neuroplasticity research would suggest the same. and there is a little data about the most beneficial training approaches, although these are still far from optimal I imagine.