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Jun 4

Are you limited by the talent you are born with, be it intellectually or physical? We all want to be the best we can, but we wonder how good we can be and what are our limits. Is our ultimate limit dependent on genetics (nature) or effort (nurture)?

Here are three perspectives on this subject; one in the writing realm (screenwriting in this case: Unknown screenwriter) and two others in athletics (Chuckie V and Alan Couzens) (in these case triathlons).

I would not argue that genetics play no role, but according to these three articles in most cases it is effort, hard work, that limits most of us, not our genetics. Besides, you will never know your genetic limits unless you put in the effort (common theme among these posts).

The reason I bring up this issue regarding brain health is that I have heard people argue that it does not matter what you do, that your ultimate health is dependent on your genetics. Yes, genetics (nature) is a contributor, but as pointed out in the links effort also play a very significant role. Besides, at this point in time we cannot change our genetics, but we can change our effort in following an healthy lifestyle. Two examples, which I have discussed previously, are exercise (such as triathlons) or intellectual pursuit (such as writing), which is a source a form of enriching your environment (brain stimulation). Both of these are good for your brain health and you can control these to increase your brain health.

Are you going to let your genes boss you around?

Do something today for your brain health; write something, exercise.

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