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Jun 5

What should you be consuming/eating after you exercise, or the big game if you are Kevin Garnett?

The dogma over the last 15 or so years is we should be consuming a large number of carbohydrates after exercise. Then they started telling us we should be doing it before, during and after. Next came the idea that protein (at the right ratio) should be included in the sports drink. The sport drink companies must have sold billions of dollars worth of sport drinks, gels, bars etc. However, there is a very interesting article in the NY times (which was pointed out to me by lifehacker) suggesting that we would all be fine (unless you are doing multiple hour workouts multiple times each day) just eating normal food.

For the sport drinks company it is all about money - not about your health. Hence their very slick and impressive marketing

What could be a better youtube vid with the NBA finals starting tonight.

This is something I have been thinking about for a few years now. In fact I think by consuming high carb /protein drinks (or food) before, during and after we might be reversing our long term health goals. Arthur DeVany on his blog has pointed this out in past posts.

I will post soon about why drinking these sports drinks is not only reducing some of the general fitness benefits of exercise but also how it might reduce the brain health effects.

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