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Jun 6

A gene for sugar consumption.

Researchers have found a gene for sugar consumption. I previously wrote a post regarding nature vs nurture and argued that effort (which you have control over) is at least as important if not more important that nature. Now not everybody might agree with this statement, the real point is that at this point in time we can’t control our genes so you might as well work with what you have, which is effort, your will power.

What did this research really find? They found one version of glut2 gene had an effect on the amount of sugar consumption. According to the scientist the difference in sugar consumption was equivalent to one can of normal pop. Classic coke has 39 grams of sugar (146 calories) in it. That does not seem like a huge amount, but it would add up over time.

I have a friend you recently lost 60 lbs, now I do not know if he has the ‘bad’ version of the glut2 gene but he did change his behavior and lost the weight, and kept it off. I would assume among the many people who lose weight some of them must have the glut2 sugar consumption gene. To the power of choice.

Don’t you think that even if you have the version of the glut2 gene that ‘makes’ you consume 39 more grams of sugar than the more normal version of this gene, that because of your goals in life you can drink, 1, 2 or 3 less cans of coke per day (or sugar equivalents of the coke drink)? Yes of course. You decide.

Make a good choice today: eat less sugary food, exercise, learn something new. Don’t let one gene control you.

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