Friday Friends


One of the reasons I started a blog was that I was inspired by a number of different blogs. Two of these which I will discuss today are fellow scientist, Chris Patil and Attila Csordás. I believe they both have common interest in stem cells and aging. I hope it is obvious how these two subjects matters are important for body and brain health.

I recently covered a new study on resveratrol here, but Chris Patil at Ouroboros (written by Chris and Lev Osherovich) probably does a better job at covering this interesting resveratrol article. Another very good recent post that was posted at Ouroboros is on the molecule that is all the rage in aging research, sirt1, that depending on what studies you read is affected by resveratrol.

Attila at PIMM (partial immortalization) I came across about a year ago and have kept reading ever since. He covers a wide range of subjects but he has opened my eyes several times to new information on personal genomics (23andMe) (also covered here), which I am also writing a post about (influenced by Attila). Attila is also organizing BioBarCamp, August 6-7, in Palo Alto, which is occurring just before SciFoo camp. I really find it interesting that he is blogging his thesis live on the net, a bold experiment. I wish I had thought of this, or read about Attila doing it, while I was writing my thesis. I think (and hope) this will become very common among doctoral students pursuing their Ph d’s.

There is a huge resource of information out there on the net (enriched environment) and we have no excuse for not increasing are exposure to novelty. But sometimes there can be a problem of signal to noise ratio – however, but you can find the gems out there which includes these two sites. They both have been valuable in exposing me to new ideas and thoughts (hopefully increasing my brain plasticity).

I hope Attila and Chris end up not just being Friday friends, and look forward to meeting Attila and Chris at BioBarCamp.