more perspectives for brain health


One dilemma of blogging is on a day like today I want to blog three different things (with a limited amount of time); different perspectives, personal genomics, and simple measurements of health (including more measurements of the simple heart than you might think are possible). This also might be partially a product of my current living situation, which is far away from my scientific friends. Normally, at least once a day I would run into them in the hallway or my office, and at least once a week we would get together and I would spill out my knowledge of the day or week. It would be my release, now blogging has replaced these personal interaction. I might have too many things that I have come across that I want to share and no one to share it with – so I guess my blog viewers are forced (well they can click another channel) to listen to my ‘brain dumps’.

Back to perspectives. Exposing yourself to a great diversity of perspectives is part of living in an ‘enriched environment‘, which repeatedly has been shown to be good for your brain health.

I was fortunate enough this weekend to come across a wide diversity of videos from various great websites (eg and TED conference), which I both highly recommend. As I have mentioned before there is no excuse for not exposing yourself to an enriched environment for the world of knowledge is at your fingertip (as long as you have an internet connection of some sort).

A big perspective (one example).

Wade Davis, an anthropologist gives a fascinating talk (TED video link). Or

If you have 18-19 minutes to spare watch this video. It is not science as many of us think about, but as a view of humans, culture, and humanity this is an enlighting perspective (take note (as one example) of the Polynesians ability to sense the distance of atolls by the waves against their boat) about the waves ). “Different visions of life, making for completely different possibilities for existence.”