Easy digestion: visualization of modern day data


Here is a video of Chris Jordan (at TED conference) who is a photographer who wants to make visualization of data in our modern world easier to digest, easier to understand.

e.g. USA has the largest percentage of its population in prison compared to all the other countries in the world. He tries to make it easier for us to visualize the 2.3 million American imprisoned by showing us a picture of 2.3 million folded prison uniforms stacked up and across. 1 out of every 4 imprisoned people are Americans imprisoned in America.

384,000 women had elective breast augmentation last year in America. He mentions it is rapidly becoming the most popular high school graduation present. He visualize the number of these type of surgeries done each month by a collage of Barbie dolls.

He also points out he didn’t pick these examples as the most important issues in the world right now, but just as examples to make us think.

Keep your mind open, keep learning new things.