Hourglass: a biogerontology blog carnival

The Ouroboros, a dragon that bites its tail, i...Image via Wikipedia

Chris Patil, from Ouroboros has done a great job at organizing the first Hourglass blog carnival on the topic of the biology of aging.

There are pieces that cover databases of aging and longevity in a number of organisms at FightAging, personal experience of being involved in a human calorie restriction study by Elizabeth Ewen at weekly adventures of a girl on a diet, reseeding decellularized organs by Attila Csordas at Partial Immortalization – you have to go read it to figure it out, an interview by Alvaro Fernandez at SharpBrains of a leading neuroscientist who suggested the practical idea of a walking book club (which I was so impressed with that I wrote a short piece on here), and my piece on the possible link between intelligence/education and lifespan.

Thanks again Chris, look forward to the next installment of the Hourglass carnival on August 12th – contact Chris if you are interesting in contributing a piece and/or hosting.