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Jul 17
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Yesterday I wrote about the possible health benefits of high gas prices - that people start using human powered transportation, lose weight and become healthier. However, using a bike or traveling by foot is not practical in all situations. Are people taking into considerations how easy it is to get about without an automobile in their next move? A good choice could save money (assuming the new location is not more expensive) and time if the new neighborhood is more walk/bike friendly.

There is a website called Walkscore (go see the ‘heat’ maps - could not find a way to embed them) that gives a walk score ranking (how easy it is to get around by foot - the higher the score the better) for various cities and neighborhoods, such as Seattle. San Fransisco had the highest walkscore, with Seattle coming in 6th (among the top 40 U.S. cities). But beyond the general city score you can zoom it to get specific neighborhood/area scores. This allows you to more fine tune your searches and see what neighborhood is the most human transport friendly.

If gas prices remain high (I am not good at the crystal ball economic stuff) and/or continue to rise in the long term will these new potential choices have an effect on real estate? Saving gas money might not be the only reason behind such neighborhood choices - it could also be for general environmental considerations (eco friendly) and/or more of a neighborhood feel.

Now what is needed is a mashup of available real estate, price, and walk score - and all searchable. Just another web 2.0 idea (probably already done).

To healthier life choices.

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