audiobooks to increase your productivity and pleasure

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Most of us live a busy life. Never enough time in a day to do all what you want. What we need are brain/life hacks to increase our time, productivity, and pleasure. One simple solution I have found is the use of audiobooks. I have a last generation nano ipod, while not fancy is nice and small, which makes it perfect for my daily runs. I have listened to several very good books this summer while listening to them exclusively during my runs. The history of economics, neuroeconomics – irrational human behavior, the political brain, and a very good near future sci-fi thriller.

I am reasonably sure I would not have made time to ‘read’ all these books since I am already reading a 1,000 page novel this summer not to mention the many hours of daily internet reading I do on science and too many other topics to mention here.

My point is that audiobooks is a convenient form of information consumption. A good audiobook can be both relaxing and engaging, as I learned listening to some of the books this summer.

Listening to my audiobooks only during my runs actually was another incentive to run, I wanted to know about the next chapter on economic history, or wanted to know what was going to happen next in the novel. I made a point of not listening to my audiobooks during the rest of the day, which I think increased the incentive to get out and run in the evening. I would recommend trying this same incentive trick of listening to your audiobook during whatever form of exercise you are doing.

If you want to increase your productivity and pleasure try out audiobooks on whatever form of player you have (mp3 player, cell phone, etc). It might save you some time, or at least maximize your time not to mention potentially increasing your incentive to get your daily exercise.

3 comments for “audiobooks to increase your productivity and pleasure

  1. CC
    August 8, 2008 at 12:25 am

    I wonder if there’re Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game series on audiobooks… Such good sci-fi AND enlightening books on humanity.
    How do you find audiobooks anyway? On the internet?

  2. JI
    August 9, 2008 at 9:03 am

    Same question as CC. I have been listening to lots of podcasts in the lab – the BBC has some neat documentaries that are great for keeping the mind busy during menial tasks like working the cryostat or microscope – but not sure about where to find (buy?) audiobooks. Any suggestions?

  3. Ward
    August 10, 2008 at 2:28 pm

    CC and JI,
    there are lots of free audiobooks available at . It has quite a few books that are in the public domain (a great way to catch up on the classics)(volunteers record their readings). If you want current books you can try (among a number of other companies). I think for around 15 dollars a month (8 dollars the first 3 months) you get a book a month (which is fairly cheap for a book these days). Of course you can always buy more than one a month for a slightly higher price.