Hourglass 3 – biology of aging blog carnival up at Sharpbrains


Image via WikipediaNaked Mole RatNaked mole rat (see below)

Alvaro Fernandez has done a very nice job of hosting Hourglass 3 blog carnival on the biology of aging at Sharpbrains by setting up the carnival as a series of questions and answers.

Here are a few examples (minus the question and answer format):

Jake provides some cautionary thinking before jumping onto possible longevity supplements – but also provides some optimism.

Adrian and Alvaro (both at Sharpbrains) cover some of my favorite subjects (as you readers are well aware of): exercise and enriched environment – along with the brain reserve theory/neuroplasticity. Alvaro uses the recollections of, arguably the most famous neuroscientist, Santiago Ramón y Cajal to elucidate the final two above subjects.

Reason at fight aging! covers a series of blog pieces on autophagy – which I think is a very exciting up and coming field in longevity research.

Finally, Anne C. tells us what we can learn about aging from such animals as the naked mole-rat, and will also be hosting the next Hourglass blog carnival at Existence is Wonderful on October 14th.