Information revolution and your brain health

$100 eLibrary

$ 100 e-library

Image by camera_obscura via Flickr

Novelty is good for the brain and fueled by new information. New information can be in the form of a new environment, new experiences, but for many of us modern human it comes in the form of the written word (and spoken and visuals via audio/video).

In the relatively recent past the access to new information was limited.

Most of us they have gone through the internet revolution are amazed at the change. ‘X’ years ago the assessable information was limited to your local and school libraries, and the relatively few books and magazines you and your friends owned. Now with the internet the amount of information available is almost unlimited. Sure every book ever published is not available but as an example, for scientist (with university access) an incredible number of journals are at your finger tips (depending on what subscriptions your university are paying for combined with the newer open access journals). It is hard to believe how scientist functioned as little as ten years ago when the articles were not available at the click of a mouse (you actually had to go to the library, find the journal, then photocopy it). In reality they functioned perfectly fine – but I think we have new opportunities by linking ideas from the now readily accessible papers and coming up with new ideas that would have been difficult in the recent past.

The access to information is not evenly distributed in the world

This huge growth of information availability is still largely limited to developed nations. The information is still restricted to those that can afford computers and have the ability to connect to the internet.

Brewster Kahle below gives a talk about UNIVERSAL access to all the world information in the video below (check it out). This would be an important advance in our society. Who knows what will come out of this idea. Everybody can be educated to whatever level they desire (assuming their basic life needs are met – which is a whole other problem that constantly needs to be addressed).

To universal access to the world’s information – an idea whose time has come.

Now with the internet, and in the near future with universal access to all the world’s information we have no excuse not to exercise our brain and improve our brain health.