the next information aggregator ?


The last two days I have talked about information overload, and a few tips to deal with it.

Now I will introduce what I think might be the next step in news aggregators. The next wave of the net and information in general is the semantic web (web 3.0). I think silobreaker is a great example of this new wave. I don’t know if it will become the next Google, but I can tell you it is a different experience using it. It reminds me of when Google came out – search became different. In the cases of silobreaker there is a steeper learning curve – but there appears to be something there.

Here are two reviews by people that know what they are talking about compared to me: infotoday and beyond search.

Beyond search had this to say about silobreaker:

  • The system is more than six years old with significant investment in information retrieval research and productization
  • The purpose of the system is to go beyond traditional search and aggregation engines with what is called “relational analysis”.
  • The indexing is able to generate “contextual insight”. If you opt to use the results list, these are relevant and filtered with more data available with a mouse click. No visit to the search box is required.
  • The system recognizes people, companies, topics, places and keywords; understands how they relate to each other in the news flow, and puts them in context for the user.
  • The system can handle a range of content; for example, public content and a licensee’s own information

To get the full power of the site and to personalize you have to sign up (just like all the other sites). Here is what you gain.

Registration is free, simple and provides many benefits, including (from silobreaker site):

  • Access to all content (you will get only the last 30 days if you’re not logged in)
  • Access to personalisation features. Set up windows within Silobreaker with content that interests you. Drag and drop to control the screen layout.
  • Access to our User Interaction Center. Here you can request content, identify entities and lots more to help make Silobreaker even better (coming soon).

I will have to play around with this site more but the possibilities are there.

On a side note after having some more time to play with Yotify I am less enthusiastic than my initial impression.