The price of personal genomics keep coming down


Just a few week ago I updated some of the price drops in personal genomics (price drop from $ 999 to $ 399 for the scanning of 500,000+ SNPs). But these personal genome scans are not the entire genome but for specific single nucleotide polymorphisms. The holy grail of personal genomics is the scanning of an individuals entire genome.

Now, over at Next Big Future they have done a great job of further updates. Applied Biosystems announced the release of a platform that will be able to sequence your entire genome (not just 500,000+ SNPs which is what is currently offered by most companies for personal genomics) for $ 10,000 (2007 price was $ 1,000,000). Intelligent Bio-Systems are about to release a device, before the end of 2008, that will be able to scan your entire genome in 24 hours for $ 5,000. NextBigFuture goes further to suggest that these new machines are inline with projections for a $ 100 entire genome scan by 2012.

This dizzying rate of progress is very similar to what we saw (and still see) in transistors/chip manufacturing – the basis of our current electronic age. I would think the ability for any individual to get a scan of their entire genome for $100 will be a game changer, a paradigm shift. It will be very interesting to see what the changes will be.