David Foster Wallace: memorial and remembrances


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Several memorials and remembrances (see howlingfantods.com for full details) are being held around the world for novelist David Foster Wallace (DFW) (see death of a genius).

A DFW memorial is being held by by Little, Brown (open to public), scheduled for Thursday, October 23rd, at 4pm at the Skirball Center for the Performing Arts at NYU.

In Italy there is a 3 day happening Oct 28-30th: (see https://carovecchioneon.wordpress.com/)

In Vancouver, Canada there is a remembrance on Friday October 24th, 2008 at at the Granville Island Hotel Dockside Lounge from 7 PM onwards, and will include readings and ruminations.

After finishing the new novel by Neal Stephenson (Anathem) I have started to re-read David Foster Wallace’s 1000+ page novel Infinite Jest, as I promised to myself, and I am even more impressed the second time through it.

I am even actively volleying back and forth the idea of starting a blog/book club covering his Infinite Jest novel. My idea is taking a neuroscience approach to the novel. Neuroscience makes sense since one central theme in the book is addiction. There is also a great deal of sports psychology. But the novel also includes depression which the author also suffered from most of his adult life, and resulted in his suicide (see the lost years and last days of David Foster Wallace in Rolling Stones Magazine, and getting to know David Foster Wallace). If by reading this novel, along with sprinkling in some relevant neuroscience by worldwide readers and/or neuroscientists, we can bring light on to these two life costing diseases then it would be more than worthwhile.

Of course there is always a problem of finding enough time in our busy lives; it is a big book with big subjects. Should a person try to make time?