Personal genomics keeps getting cheaper


Personal genomics seem to be speeding up as fast as consumer electronics – soon there will be a need for a genome-gadget website.

The latest news as reported by Genetic Future is the announcement of complete genome sequencing for $ 5,000 by mid 2009! The company behind this announcement is Complete Genomics which are new to the field and coming with new technology.

I am hoping this is legit as NY times is also covering this new advance in personal genomic cost.

“It’s a shockingly low price,” said George M. Church, a professor of genetics at Harvard who is an adviser to Complete Genomics and to several other sequencing companies.

Then again, the cost of DNA sequencing has dropped by a factor of 10 every year for the last four years, a faster rate of decline than even for computers, Dr. Church said.

At this rate of improvement (need a genome name equivalent of Moore’s Law) it would suggest a $ 500 complete genome sequence in 2010. I would assume prices (though maybe not speed) would start flattening out now, or very soon. But still if one could get your complete genome scanned for under a $ 1,000  – hopefully closer to $ 500 – that could start a revolution in personal genomics.