David Foster Wallace’s memorial: followup


This is a follow up of the post last week regarding David Foster Wallace’s (DFW)  memorial (see also death of a genius) and remembrances. One of the memorials was at Amherst college, which he attended, and the audio is available here (also see howlingfantods for a complete rundown of the various memorials). It is an hour and half long, which I can understand you don’t all have time for, but I would recommend:

1) The last 12 minutes

Where two close friends talk about DFW, including his interview for Amherst college which sounds like it inspired a similar scene in Infinite Jest. The last 5 minutes chocked me up.

2) From 8 minutes 30 seconds to around 13 minutes.

DFW did not believe in genius would bubble up to the top no matter what the situation, but rather DFW believed everything was based on a series of contingencies. DFW might not have believed in genius in general – though everyone around him (and those that read him) considered him one. DFW also felt like a fraud, and the only way to soothe this constant voice in his head calling himself a fraud, and accused him of being selfish, was by writing.

Additionally, everyone is praising the piece in the Rolling stones magazine (part of the piece can be found here, but for the full version you need to pick up the magazine).