Life geniuses


Some might argue that genius can not be broken down into categories; musical, mathematical, writing, etc. However, it appears an equal number would argue that these (and more) categories exist. Sure, there are some very rare individuals that are geniuses in more than one category (though we seem to see less of these in our more complex and specialized times).

But the type of genius I am briefly discussing today is life geniuses. And this form of genius might be the most important in the terms of living and enjoying life.

Now I don’t know if anybody has thought of this category of genius – so I will give my (very rough) definition. A life genius excels at living a full throttled life with exuberance and class. The accept and search out challenges and seem to be at ease with anything that is thrown at them. They are simply living life to its fullest in a positive manner. They seem to exude energy and life.

I have been lucky enough to meet a few people that I consider life geniuses. At a neuroscience level I would love to know how their brain works – what makes them special? Do they have less fear, more capacity for love, more empathy, great resilency, greater energy?

I don’t know the answers but these people seem to live a life that most of us are envious of. They actually might be similar to the ‘Experiencers‘ I previoulsy mentioned (in regards to their spending habits). But then you have to take these experiencers and multiply exponentially to  get the life genius level. Maybe being an experincer is a prerequiste for being a life genius.

I am probably not doing a great job in explaining what a life genius is – but maybe you have met one yourself. Whatever the exact definition (even if that is possible) it would be interesting to study the makeup of these individuals – and more importantly find out how us mere mortals can ‘learn’ to become more like them (we can’t all be geniuses but we can learn and become better in any field – math, writing, music – life.

Maybe I will try to interview these lucky individuals and try to come up with some practical things the rest of us can start working on.

1 comment for “Life geniuses

  1. CC
    November 5, 2008 at 8:17 pm

    Yes please, post the interviews ^!^
    I’m sure everyone can use a little encouragement, enlightenment!