Chelsea art galleries in NYC


In my continued search of further brain stimulation on my current trip I visited some art galleries in Chelsea (Chelsea art galleries) (in NY city). Supposedly over 300 galleries between 10th and 11th avenues and 19th and 29th streets. I didn’t see anywhere close to 300 but I did randomly explore quite a few.

Yesterday, I posted about my visit to the metropolitan museum of art – that was good in many ways but a bit disappointing (with the exception of the ancient Egyptian carved walls). But today the art galleries were highly inspirational and stimulating. This might be due to the art I saw today was new and live – not the art of history. I did not know the name of the artists so I had no preconception, I simply walked in and let my eyes and mind explore. The galleries were vibrant with life – fresh paint, fresh thoughts. Now not all the art was personally stimulating to me and I wonder which of the multitudes of artist will ever ‘make it’? Though that mabye doesn’t matter, they are out there trying, living their dream.

One particular gallery really caught my interest. The art was in what I assume the edgy comic book genre. You could see, feel the inspiration, the drive, the flurry of thoughts and these simple but detailed and interesting mostly black and white panes. Very cool and interesting. I took some photographs which included the name of the artist so I can investigate later. Additionally, there was a gallery with some big carved granite installation that were impressive. I am sure there is plenty more to explore – if I can find the time tomorrow in my last day in NY city.

Art is alive in well in NY city.

Go out and explore art in your area – be it a singer playing a tune at a nearby bar, a poet slamming in a cafe, an artist’s painting hanging in a local gallery, or a novelist in a nearby coffee shop (though this one is difficult to really enjoy :)) – stimulate your brain.