How playing the court jester can improve your brain


The court jester’s (harlequin) job was to entertain the court with his/her music and juggling abilities. The court members laughed at the jester (maybe not with him), but possibly the jester had the last laugh since his various entertaining endeavors possibly promoted in his brain greater plasticity and health.

All this week I will discuss several articles that examine the effects that musical playing and juggling has on the brain. Additionally, since it is the start of the festive season that usually includes more music being played at home and in the malls I think the timing is appropriate (not to mention a large number of mp3 players and music will be purchased during the festive season).

Now I am neither musical or can juggle (but maybe I should learn) so bear with my lack of expertise in this field (but hopefully I can explain the scientific findings) – and don’t ask me to sing silent night to you unless you are into auditory suffering – but I think this week’s series of blog pieces will be both entertaining and informative.

Many famous painters and writers used the court jester (or harlequin) in their works, including Picasso and Shakespeare. Maybe the below painting by Picasso will promote a little plasticity to start you out this Sunday. The first piece of the week will appear Monday morning.

Dora Maar au Chat, 1941

Image via Wikipedia

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