Coming 2008 year end blog pieces


While I recently posted my current plans of what I will try to do with this blog in the new year the current year is not over. In the remaining time of 2008 and possibly stretching into early 2009 there are a few things I would like to do.

I will post significant scientific breakthroughs of the 2008 – that I haven’t previously covered. This involves 4-6 pieces – though I am sure I could write more.

Additionally, I am writing a piece about ‘what scientific matter I have changed my mind about over the last year based on recent research’. I think it is always good to make sure you keep an open mind and the ability to change opinion/thoughts based on new research – if the evidence warrants it.

So this might be a could time for you readers to think of anything you have changed your mind about – or that you should change your mind about.