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May 21
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I have previously written a piece about what would you do if given the gift of an extra 5 years, but what about using your ‘peak’ years to the best of their possibilities?

What spurred the original idea was from the question of what to do if you only had 5 years left to live, but since I post some pieces on longevity then the question was reformed to, ‘what would you do with an extra 5 years’? In both cases do we fully utilize those 5 years or waste them away?

Now the question is, what to do with your peak 5 years. This could be your 5 peak athletic years, social years, travel years, intellectual years, partying years, work/earning years, musical years, philosophical years,  etc? We all have different priorities. The first question might be on average at what age do peak years usually occur in the various endeavors? I might at another time write a piece that gives some data for various things we would like know when peak years occur. Obviously for most athletic events peak years occur at a fairly young age, but can range from teens for female gymnastics to mid to late 30s for some endurance sports, and other sports such as baseball pitchers. For quite a few intellectual pursuits peak years occur later in life than for athletics (with math tending to be on the young side 20s to mid 30s).

For argument sake let us say we have tons of data and we have a table that shows on average what are the peak 5 years for everything you can imagine, from juggling to classical musical composition (and there would be a bell curve of ages in which this peak occurs for each of these pursuits).

Now with this information from this hypothetical table what would you do? Now a side note is that in most cases to reach our individual peak you have to put in 10,000 hour of deliberate practice (so roughly 6-8 hour per day 350 days per year) for 5 years would get you up to 10,000 hours). I will be writing more about this subject soon.

If you were a drawing artist and you knew that the peak years occurred in your late 20s (and obviously there is going to be a bell curve of ‘peakness’ that might be quite wide ranging) and you are currently 25 would you ponder the idea of dropping everything and spending the next 5 years somewhere, be it in some prototypical artistic city like Paris, or your hometown, and devote yourself to becoming the best artist you can be?

Or you are a 23 year old triathlete would you drop your bank clerk job and go to live your dream of becoming a professional triathlete? At the other end maybe you are 40+ but realize that there are still various intellectual pursuits in which peak years do not occur until late 40s or mid 50s - are you willing to drop your cushy mid profession income, and social position, to take the high risk of trying one of these ‘peak’ endeavors?

How much do you really care about following your dreams, or just keeping your comfortable lifestyle?

You might have or had various dreams in which some of those potential peak years are coming up, and in some cases they might have slipped away. How many more ‘peaks’ are still in front of you? How many can you afford to let pass by? Or you can take pleasure in your comfortable lifestyle and live a normal life - it is your choice.

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