Neurons, memory, RAM, hard drive, and cloud storage: Backup and keep your brain healthy

Old Hard Drive... circa 1982 (1)
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Our memories are important to all of us. Memories are stored in our neuronal connections. And the healthier your brain the better your chances of keeping your memories, and not slipping into senile dementia of some sort. A reasonable amount of this blog is centered around keeping your brain healthy, and all your memories intact (or at least mostly intact).

However, there is also all those memories we off load into our computer’s RAM (short term memory), hard drive, and even off site into cloud storage.

I in fact lost about 4 months of posts from this blog more than a year ago. Maybe 40 posts. Somehow when I was updating to a newer wordpress version I lost all of my blog posts. I had an older backup of the blog but fortunately my host had a more up to date version. Things looked good for a full recovery. Now I can’t remember the exact sequence of events (hmmm my memory is far from perfect), but at one time I had the full blog back online. But somehow through a series of not-so-smart moves I lost the blog again and when all the bits settled I had lost the 4 months of blog posts. Now when you start having a less than perfect memory and make stupid mistakes you might need to question yourself. But we are human – are memories are not perfect and we make mistakes.

I remember being saddened by this loss. I had put in many hours into those pieces (because I tend to write long posts) and a few of them had sentimental value to me. Gone. My fault.

The lesson to be learned is while we do not have the technology yet to back up a human brain we do have the ability to backup our computers and information stored in the cloud (e.g host site). Take advantage of the appropriate tools and make timely backups on a consistent basis.

And since we can’t backup our own brains then it is vital that you take care of your precious brain – it is the only one you got.

(for a comparison between neurons and computer chips check out this piece that explains how the human brain has more switches that all the computers and internet switches in the world.)

Take Home  Message: Backup often (and have multiple copies) and do your utmost to keep a healthy brain for there are not too many things more valuable than your memories. And once they are gone – well…..

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