Weekend’s Brain Health Breakfast # 3

Four methods to increase your serotonin without drugs. Serotonin is believed to be important for depression, so these 4 non-drug methods to increase serotonin could help your mood. And the reason you might want to use natural methods to increase serotonin is that some research suggest taking antidepressants might reduce your lifespan.

Meditation can improve the memory of older individuals. A previous post I wrote explored how researchers have found that meditation can change gene expression which speaks of how meditation can work at the cellular level, and not just be all-in-the-mind. You can also increase empathy with meditation, which probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise.

How to stop procrastination and start doing. The tricks: get started, and avoid temptation. Most of us at times can use any possible tips to reduce procrastination, so if you need a little momentum now go check out the article. Nothing earth shattering, but sometimes you just need a reminder or a new firing of a neural pattern.

Why you might want to walk while you are trying to learn something. I have talked about the idea of a walking book club but Seth Roberts takes it to the next level. This should increase your efficiency as you are getting in your exercise and whatever you are trying to learn at the same time.

A theory behind why smarter people live longer. Okay, tested out in smart bees, but the idea is that general stress resilience allows you not only to learn more quickly but also slow down aging. Could be related to a more efficient cellular energy system – or at least that is one possibility.

Have a great weekend.

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