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Jul 11

I have been so impressed by some of these new cellular videos. Here is the latest I came across. Watch, enjoy the beauty of biology, and try get a better understanding of the complexity.

Only 2:30 long.

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Jun 24

So to jump from the big perspective of humanity (previous post on the Wade Davis video) now I am going to jump to the molecular level.

YouTube Preview Image

You can also go directly to Harvard website where you will find alternative versions of the video, including the ones that give a biological narrative to the videos (you have to click on the full version link). These versions of the video are obviously more interesting than the musical background one released on youtube - go watch and learn (click on full version link).

Some of us do our best learning via words and others by visualization (I can think of a few friends) - but in reality we probably all do the best by combining many modalities. I could not insert the biological narrative versions of the video or I would have.

I saw the video above previously, but then this weekend I saw a TED conference video from David Bolinsky, the person who made the incredible animation of molecular biology (above) and he talks about his goal to give us biological scientist, and everybody else, a better understanding of what I am calling: “The big picture of the small picture.”

YouTube Preview Image

He talks about how the video is part of a 5 year project, and therefore we can look forward to more videos.

To an enriched environment, from the global humanity perspective of Wade Davis, to the visualization of hard core molecular biology. If these types of videos (at a fairly continuous dose - take two and call me in the morning) do not lead to an enriched and healthier brain - then we will have to rethink this whole enriched environment idea.

Feed your brain.