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Exercise training and muscle energy efficiency

I am always encouraging people to exercise for the general and brain health. Research has demonstrated that exercise obviously improves muscle function and your performance. Additionally, while exercising [..]

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45 minutes of vigorous exercise 6 days a week 52 weeks a year to increase your survival rate.

Image via Wikipedia Yesterday, I wrote a piece about a recent paper that found that runners had a higher survival rate and a lower rate of disability as [..]

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The good side of high gas prices – better health?

Image via Wikipedia Will the high gas prices increase the number of people walking and biking to get groceries and work and lead to a turn around in [..]

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Weekend hiking workout

I am always encouraging people to exercise and live an enriched life, so I figured I should post my weekend hike. Had a great hike up La Luz [..]

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Combining exercise and an enriched environment: walking book club

In previous posts (here, here, here, here) I have explained how the two simplest things you can do for better brain and body health is live in an [..]

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What should you be eating after the big game?

What should you be consuming/eating after you exercise, or the big game if you are Kevin Garnett? The dogma over the last 15 or so years is we [..]

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New neurons for better brain health: neurogenesis

Image via Wikipedia Now you might ask what good does all this exercise and enriched environment (novelty) really do for my brain health and fitness? One thing that [..]

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Baby steps up stairs for better brain health

What are some of the baby steps we can all take to increase our brain health? I have told you that simple exercise and exposing yourself to new [..]

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Introduction: hacks for better brain health

I hope to offer you practical tips and tools that will lead to a healthier brain, which should result in a happier, better, and longer life in general. [..]

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