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Feb 10
Grains in an Hourglass
Image by S Migol via Flickr

The 8th edition of the Hourglass blog carnival on the biology of aging is up at Sharpbrains’ blog. Alvaro has done another fine job of writing up the carnival.

Aug 12

Chris Patil from Ouroboros has done another great job of hosting, and writing up the connections between the various blog pieces on the biology of aging (Hourglass). Go check it out the 2nd installment of the Hourglass.

From Chris:

“Hourglass III will be hosted on September 9th by Alvaro at SharpBrains, and Hourglass IV on October 14th by Anne at Existence is Wonderful. We’ll set up a standalone email address and archive page for the carnival at some point — but for now, if you have submissions (or want to volunteer to host the carnival), please email me and I will forward them to the current host.”

Jul 9
The Ouroboros, a dragon that bites its tail, i...Image via Wikipedia

Chris Patil, from Ouroboros has done a great job at organizing the first Hourglass blog carnival on the topic of the biology of aging.

There are pieces that cover databases of aging and longevity in a number of organisms at FightAging, personal experience of being involved in a human calorie restriction study by Elizabeth Ewen at weekly adventures of a girl on a diet, reseeding decellularized organs by Attila Csordas at Partial Immortalization - you have to go read it to figure it out, an interview by Alvaro Fernandez at SharpBrains of a leading neuroscientist who suggested the practical idea of a walking book club (which I was so impressed with that I wrote a short piece on here), and my piece on the possible link between intelligence/education and lifespan.

Thanks again Chris, look forward to the next installment of the Hourglass carnival on August 12th - contact Chris if you are interesting in contributing a piece and/or hosting.