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Jun 9

I have pointed out several times now how a enriched environment is good for your brain health. In reality an enriched environment entails exposure to new things, which means learning. So one of the best and easiest ways to brain health is keep on learning. In our modern day age we have no excuse for not learning everyday; the world’s knowledge is at your fingertips.

With a few clicks we can get more knowledge that we know what we can do about it. With the rise of video sites there are all sorts of nicely packaged lectures, long or short. Therefore, today I offer this very good short video that explains some molecular biology: DNA wrapping, DNA replication. Even if you have a Phd in biology the visualization of some of the basic biology, which you might have read a thousands times, can be educational. If your biology is a bit rusty then this video is a good introduction (re-introduction) into what some people are saying will be a large force in the future - the age of biology. While some think the biology era will overtake the silicon age, I think they will come together and be intricately linked.

Either way, to our Monday learning.

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May 17

There are so many ways one can enrich their environment, which I have outlined earlier, can increase brain health. So keeping on this theme, the choice I made to start this blog is enriching my brain. I had to set it up – okay it was not that hard but I had a few glitches because I could not find the easy install button for wordpress at my host (who would have guessed it was Fantastico deluxe among all the others 30-40 icons like Remote MySQL, Webalizer, etc).

Beginner mistake # 1: yesterday I published my first two posts, despite the fact of reading to never start a blog with less than 5 posts so the reader has something substantial to digest. This is an example of knowing better but failing to follow good advice (another good example is we all know we should exercise for the health of our bodies and mind).

Other beginner mistakes I have made are mentioning that I am going to provide a link then give the full web address instead of the more elegant solution. As an example to show that I am learning; Darren Rowse at problogger offers valuable tips and insight to assist and empower anyone starting a blog (or trying to take their blog to the next level). I am learning. Sure I had read blogs that did it this way but because I had not personally done it I fell into the older less elegant look of the long internet address. What is this doing to my brain? Since I am learning new things (though dead simple) my brain is literally making connections, new memories, maybe even new cognitive solutions (very broad term).

You do not necessarily have to go out and learn a whole new language in a day (or even a month), nor run a marathon on your first day of running. It is okay to take baby steps; learn how to provide nice links, jog around the block, go for a walk. The real trick is doing something – a bit of exercise, a bit of learning. Far better than sitting on the couch and staying in the prison of long formed habits.

What are you going to do new or physical today?