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Feb 5

The TED conference (ideas woth spreading) is happening now (TED 2009: the great unveiling, Feb 3-7).

The alternative ad-hoc unconference BIL is taking place this weekend (BIL 2009: minds set free, Feb 7-8, Long Beach, California). I am fortunate enough to be attending the BIL conference this year. There is a great line up of very interesting talks and I really look forward to new ideas and paradigms. It will be great for anybody that wants to stimulate their brain and/or try to make a difference in the world.

I will do my best to report from the conference and the worse case scenario after I digest all I can from the conference I will report back here on what I managed to learn.

Here is a small sample of the scheduled talks (complete list can be found here):

Sustainable Poverty Reduction for 3+ Billion

Proposed By: Curt Beckmann

The art of Conference Crashing

Proposed By: Chris Axton

The Methuselah Foundation’s university research projects: SENS progress worldwide

Proposed By: Aubrey de Grey

The Evils of Cloud Computing, Data Portability & Single Sign On

Proposed By: Brad Templeton

Embracing Your Humanity: a Platform for Global Change

Proposed By: Lexi Bright 3

Seasteading: how to homestead the high seas and why it will make politics work better

Proposed By: Patri Friedman

Oh yeah, it’s the People - The Key Ingredient to Making Shit Happen

Proposed By: A.J. Pape

Cancer: A Call for a New Health Science Research Paradigm

Proposed By: Ward Plunet

One Click Organisations: Emergent Democracy For Everyone!

Proposed By: Charles Armstrong

Creating the University of the Future

Proposed By: Alexandros Pagidas

Exercise and The Nervous System

Proposed By: KV Fitzpatrick

The Free and Open Science/Technology Paradigm

Proposed By: Joseph Jackson


Proposed By: Peter Samuelson

Crossing the Healthcare Chasm: Build It And They Might Come

Proposed By: Jonathan Sheffi

Jan 11
BIL Conference - Wallpaper
Image by billerickson via Flickr

I previously wrote about the BIL conference - which is an alternative to the high-end TED conference. I mentioned at the time that TED was already full (not to mention you have to invited and it cost 6,000 a year).

Well it turns out BIL is just as popular as they have already filled their 450 quota, but they are trying to secure sponsorship to be able to rent more space and accommodate more people. Despite them being ’sold out’ I signed up and added my proposed talk. Will see if they can fit me in. Hope I find out soon so I try to get a decent travel deal.

Jan 3

TED (ideas worth spreading) is a world famous conference, and many of us have watched incredible videos of the talks from this conference. However, the attendance of TED is by invitation only (though you can apply for membership). The cost of membership is $ 6,000 a year. Okay, you can only attend if you are an invited member (or make it through the application procedure) and it cost $ 6,000 a year - I think it is fair to say this is in the elitist realm.

update: TED Feb 3-7, 2009 Long Beach, California is sold out :)

Are there any other options out there for the rest of us?


BIL is the answer for the rest of us, which is happening February 7 & 8, 2009 in Long Beach, CA. What is BIL you might ask. BIL is a no cost, ‘open source’, self-organizing conference that covers the same important topics as TED. From BIL website:

BIL is…

an open, self-organizing, emergent, arts, science, society and technology conference.

Anyone can come, just Register.  Anyone can speak, just add a Talk.

If you have an idea to spread, start talking.  If someone is saying something interesting, stop and listen.

Here is a chance to voice your thinking to a wide and open audience. What is BIL really about:

BIL is an ad-hoc conference for people changing the world in big ways. It’s a place for passionate people to come together to energize, brainstorm, and take action. We invite you to bring your world into ours. See you in Long Beach!

To give you a sense of the range of topics covered click here for a list of the 2008 talks.

Do you have any world changing ideas, or want to be involved in world changing ideas? Head to Long Beach in early February and get involved in BIL, share your ideas with spirited, like-minded people.

(p..s - for all you Vancouverites - flight is about $318 return - and might be better deals out there if we hunt).