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Jul 11

I have been so impressed by some of these new cellular videos. Here is the latest I came across. Watch, enjoy the beauty of biology, and try get a better understanding of the complexity.

Only 2:30 long.

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Jun 9

I have pointed out several times now how a enriched environment is good for your brain health. In reality an enriched environment entails exposure to new things, which means learning. So one of the best and easiest ways to brain health is keep on learning. In our modern day age we have no excuse for not learning everyday; the world’s knowledge is at tour fingertips.

With a few clicks we can get more knowledge that we know what we can do about it. With the rise of video sites there are all sorts of nicely packaged lectures, long or short. Therefore, today I offer this very good short video that explains some molecular biology: DNA wrapping, DNA replication. Even if you have a Phd in biology the visualization of some of the basic biology, which you might have read a thousands times, can be educational. If your biology is a bit rusty then this video is a good introduction (re-introduction) into what some people are saying will be a large force in the future - the age of biology. While some think the biology era will overtake the silicon age, I think they will come together and be intricately linked.

Either way, to our Monday learning.

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